NYC Summer Cooking Camps



Based in Manhattan and Brooklyn, our week-long camps are an intensive culinary experience chock-full of hands-on cooking classes in restaurants, plus farm harvests, camper cook-offs, blindfolded palate play…and so much more!

Where: Drop-off and pick-up at Washington Square Park

When: 9am to 5pm

Register for early drop-off at 8:30am

Session 1: July 9th – July 13th
Session 2: July 16th – July 20th
Session 3: July 23rd – July 27th
Session 4: July 30th – August 3rd

Campers will work alongside guest chefs from some of the leading restaurants in the NYC like Tacuba, Luke’s Lobster, and more! You’d be crazy not to join in our culinary frenzy this summer – it’s going to be ridiculously delicious!

Sign up with a buddy and we’ll offer $50 off each of your camp fees!

Camp Fee: $620 each week

*Early Drop-Off: 8:30am, $10/day

*Sign up with a friend and receive $50 off both tuitions!
*60% of ​your camp fee is tax deductible!

Your camp fee​ includes ​all ingredients, lunch, and ​bites that we cook up throughout the day. A significant percentage of your camp fee supports financial-based scholarships offered during camps and throughout the year, and helps sponsor Chef-in-Training internships for underserved youth. Thank you for your support!​​
​​The camp fee does not include bus, UBER or subway tickets to and from restaurants. It also does not include optional market goodies!​


A typical day includes cooking with guest chefs, reinforcing knife and safety skills through hands-on cooking, whipping up lunch and tasting our creations throughout the day. We will learn how to taste and smell our way through improvisational cooking as well as learn favorite recipes from our culinary friends. We’ll also get to meet and cook with farmers and artisans all over the city!
Children 7-14 are welcome to attend. 12-14 year olds can sign up as Junior Counselors. Each week-long camp session will have 10-17 campers with a camper/adult ratio of 4:1. Classes are led by guest chefs and assisted by food and nutrition-loving counselors.


What’s on the Menu this Summer?

Get a sneak peak at our partner restaurants!
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9am – 5pm

Drop off and pick up at Washington Square Park

Sign up for an 8:30 drop-off when registering for camp!


Monday, July 9th – Friday, July 13th
Monday, July 16th – Friday, July 20th
Monday, July 23rd – Friday, July 27th
Monday, July 30th – Friday, August 3rd

Because we are working with real chefs in their operating restaurants, schedules and menus are subject to change


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Campers 7-11 years old are welcome to sign up as campers! Teens ages 12-13 are encouraged to apply for our Junior Counselor (JC) positions. JC registration and payment is the same as campers. Up to two junior counselors are selected for each session to help serve as a liaison between the chef and the campers, and help with the more difficult techniques. No prior cooking experience is needed!

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Camp Schedule Week #1

Day to day schedules and lineups are subject to change

  • Monday


    Vinateria Restaurant & Breads Bakery

    Contemporary Italian Cuisine and a Challah Bread Workshop
    Monday, July 9th, 9AM to 5PM

    We’ll be starting off our culinary journey right alongside the Executive Chefs of Vinateria Restaurant, followed by a challah bread class taught by the culinary team at breads bakery! Kids will be welcomed into restaurant kitchens for a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of a chef. We’ll warm up with knife skills and kitchen safety before we whip up some of Chef’s most popular dishes. Bring your notebooks – we might even get a peak at chef’s secret recipes and secret culinary tricks.  Lucky us – our chefs will also be treating us to an exclusive Q&A where we can ask anything about their recipes, industry secrets, and the challenges (and rewards!) of owning a popular restaurant in the heart of New York City!

  • Tuesday


    Tacuba Cantina Mexicana

    Tuesday, July 10th, 9AM to 5PM

    We’ll be spicing up our cooking camp with the flavors and fresh ingredients of Mexico. Right alongside renowned Chef Julian, kids will taste, smell, and cook their way through a delicious day in one of NYC’s favorite restaurants. Hand-made tortillas, tacos, salsa, guacamole, and horchata are all on our menu. Get ready for a fun and flavor-filled cooking class!


  • Wednesday


    Tarallucci e Vino & The Meatball Shop

    Fresh Brunch and World Famous Meatballs
    Wednesday, July 11th, 9AM to 5PM

    What better way to spend a Wednesday than in the kitchens at our very favorite restaurants? We’ll start our day preparing breakfast items like hand-made bread, omelettes, and fresh orange juice with Chef Jerry. Once we’ve enjoyed our brunch feast, we’ll head over to the kitchen at The Meatball Shop to learn the culinary secrets behind this restaurant’s most famous menu item: meatballs! Wednesdays don’t get any better than this.

  • Thursday


    Glasserie & Bunker Restaurant

    Food and Flavors from Around the World
    Thursday, July 12th, 9AM to 5PM

    Look no further for a day packed with unique ingredients, flavors, and spices from across the globe. We’ll we joining the culinary team at some favorite spots in Brooklyn to learn what goes into making traditional dishes from Vietnam and the Mediterranean. Hummus and pita bread, banh mi and Vietnamese pancakes — we’re getting hungry just thinking about it! 


  • Friday


    Pizzeria Sirenetta

    Mastering the Art of the Perfect Pasta
    Friday, July 13th, 9AM to 5PM

    There’s no better place to try your hand at crafting traditional pasta than right alongside Chef Camille in the kitchen at her Upper West Side restaurant. Just back from a few months spent cooking in Itlay, Chef Camille will teach us the traditional cooking techniques for crafting the most authentic (and delicious) pastas.


Camp Schedule Week #2

Day to day schedules and lineups are subject to change

  • Monday


    Rahi Restaurant & Breads Bakery

    Regional Indian Fare and Chocolate Babka Baking Class
    Monday, July 16th, 9AM to 5PM

    Learn from the best in the business: Chef Chintan Pandya is inviting us into his kitchen to cook his favorite Indian dishes using the freshest ingredients. We’ll learn to identify difference spices and ingredients as we delve into the incredible flavors at this artisanal Indian restaurant. Of course, our day wouldn’t be complete without a little something sweet — that’s where our friends at Breads Bakery come in! By mastering the art of the perfect challah bread, we’ll learn to twist and turn our dough to shape chocolate babka. Fingers crossed that there are leftovers to take home and share!

  • Tuesday



    Magnolia Bakery & Society Cafe

    Tuesday, July 17th, 9AM to 5PM

    Nothing says ‘WE LOVE NYC’ like a trip to the sweetest spot in the city…Magnolia Bakery! We are thrilled to be joining the bakery’s head chef as we cook up a storm right in their pastry kitchen. To balance out our morning of treats, we’ll be spending the afternoon learning about seasonal produce and local veggies with Chef Christopher Zabita at Society Cafe. Known for their market-to-table approach to cooking, the Society Cafe team will guide us in making dishes that highlight the season’s best flavors.

  • Wednesday


    Hudson Jane & Bricolage

    Seasonal Small Plates and A Vietnamese Gastropub
    Wednesday, July 118th, 9AM to 5PM

    We’re taking Brooklyn by storm to visit some neighborhood spots that are dishing out the most delicious dishes. First up is a morning with Executive Chef Megan Johnson at Hudson Jane, who will introduce us to the seasonal produce of the summer market and teach the cooking techniques for bringing out the best flavors of the season. A quick trip to the kitchen at Bricolage will transport us to Vietnam as we learn alongside Chef and Wwner Lien Lin, who we are lucky enough to have on our board of advisors to guide us on our culinary journey in NYC. You know it will be an incredible day with Chef Lien leading us through her favorite recipes!

  • Thursday


    Rosa Mexican & Bouley Restaurant

    Fresh Mexican Cuisine and French Flavor
    Thursday, July 19th, 9AM to 5PM

    Looking for a little extra spice? We’ll be tackling traditional Mexican recipes to try our hand at making tortillas, fresh horchata, and flavorful fillings for our hand-made tacos. We might even step up to the challenge of a blindfolded taste-and-smell test to identify new flavor profiles. Thursdays never tasted so good! For our afternoon adventures, we will head to the test kitchen of Bouley restaurant to learn with Chef Dani as we experience the behind-the-scenes of making the famous dishes of this James Beard Award-Winning Chef and restaurant. This is a once in a lifetime cooking class that kids will never forget! 

  • Friday



    Oko Farms and Bien Cuit

    Aquaponic Farming and Artisan French Bread at Brooklyn’s Best Bakery
    Friday, July 20th, 9AM to 5PM

    Our day will begin in the fields at Oko Farm where we’ll get a first-hand look at how fish fuel the growth of seasonal produce. After harvesting fresh veggies, we’ll embark on a  cook-off challenge where kids will design their own menus based on produce from the farm. Talk about farm-to-table food! 

    With the bakery’s head pastry chef nominated as the ‘Best Baker’ in 2017, Bien Cuit is the very best place to be soaking up culinary secrets as kids learn the basics of crafting pastries and breads from scratch. We’ll mix, measure, and bake our way through the Bien Cuit kitchen until we become pastry pros!


Camp Schedule Week #3

Day to day schedules and lineups are subject to change

  • Monday


    A&E Supply Co.

    Butchery Class and Multifaceted American Cuisine
    Monday, July 23th, 9AM to 5PM

    We’re heading to Brooklyn to spend the day with Chef Ennio and his team to learn the ins-and-outs of running a successful restaurant. We’ll be making dishes that come right off the restaurant menu, and kids will be led through a butchery workshop to experience the behind-the-scenes of what goes into making their favorite dishes.

  • Tuesday


    Insa & Breads Bakery

    Tuesday, July 24th, 9AM to 5PM

    Chef and Owner Sohui Kim is inviting kids into her kitchen to cook recipes from her brand new cookbook! We’ll get the most authentic taste of Korean cuisine as we explore new ingredients, spices, and herbs. It’s back to Manhattan for the second half of the day as we finish off our Tuesday with a sweet treat at Breads Bakery.

  • Wednesday


    Harlem Grown & Baked

    Urban Farming and Classic American Baked Goods
    Wednesday, July 25th, 9AM to 5PM

    Before we get into the sweets, we’ll be digging our hands into the soil to help harvest veggies at a local urban farm. After exploring the farm’s compost, hydroponic system, and seasonal produce, we’ll harvest fresh ingredients to use in a farm cook-off like no other! Our day will end with a treat in the Baked kitchen as we learn the artistry and cooking science that is used to make this bakery’s best pastries.

  • Thursday


    Oaxaca Taqueria & Nicoletta Pizzeria

    Hand Made Tacos and the Perfect Pizza Pies
    Thursday, July 26th, 9AM to 5PM

    Fresh tacos and hand-tossed pizza, all in one day? This is a Thursday packed with flavor and fun culinary techniques as we make tortillas from scratch, prepare fresh meats and veggies to top them, and give pizza tossing a try. It’s not every day that professional chefs and restaurant owners teach you to make your favorite foods from scratch — soon we will be masters, too!


  • Friday


    Greenmarket NYC & Scavenger Hunts

    Friday, July 27th, 9AM to 5PM

    we’ll start off our day by investigating the ingredients to be found at the Union Square Greenmarket with the help of a Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt! Kids will search stands, interview farmers, and taste new fruits and veggies to answer a series of questions and challenges.

Camp Schedule Week #4

Day to day schedules and lineups are subject to change

  • Monday


    NeGril Caribbean Cuisine

    Caribbean Soul Food
    Monday, July 30th, 9AM to 5PM

    The flavors of the Caribbean are coming to Sprouts Cooking Camp for a Monday filled with new recipes, seasonings, and cooking techniques. We’ll start our day with an exclusive Q&A with the restaurant’s Executive Chef to learn everything there is to know about the culinary business. Then, we’ll jump in the kitchen to prepare a selection of dishes that capture the heart and soul of Caribbean cuisine.

  • Tuesday


    High Street on Hudson & Colonie

    Local and Seasonal Cooking Inspired by Home
    July 31st, 9AM to 5PM

    Our theme for the day is everything local and homemade. From breads, pastries, and American fare at High Street on Hudson, to local ingredients and seasonal menus at Colonie Restaurant, we will be hands-on with healthy and delicious ingredients all day long! Luckily, there will be incredible culinary teams leading us through each recipe, so we’ll be sure to bring our new cooking skills home.

  • Wednesday


    O Ya and Lil’ Gem

    Hand-Rolled Sushi and Family-Style Lebanese Food
    Wednesday, August 1st, 9AM to 5PM

    We have the privilege of cooking alongside renowned chefs at one of the city’s very favorite sushi restaurants — O Ya! With rave reviews from platforms like New York Magazine, Eater, and Bravo, this is sure to be an extra unique class, as kids get hands-on in the kitchen to build their own sushi rolls. NExt up on our menu: Chef Melissa O’Donnel uses recipes from her childhood to inspire the diverse and oh-so-delicious dishes on her menu. She will lead us through making her seasonal favorites, including fresh flatbreads, traditional Sweet Potato Kibbeh, and more. We’ll walk away with a new understanding of the history and culinary traditions behind Lebanese cooking — not to mention having full bellies and a few leftovers to take home!

  • Thursday


    Barano Restaurant

    Thursday, August 2nd, 9AM to 5PM

    Wood-fired pizzas, fresh meats and vegetables, and hand-made pasta — does a Thursday morning get any more delicious? Before our week comes to an end, we’ll be squeezing in a few more recipes to tickle our taste buds as we explore our favorite flavors of Italian cuisine. Chef Di Meglio will take us on a tour of Italy without leaving his kitchen! The result? An extra delicious day of palate play, hands-on cooking, and learning alongside the city’s best chefs.



  • Friday



    North Brooklyn Farms

     Friday, August 3rd, 9AM to 5PM

    To kick-off our Friday, we’ll be heading to the fields at North Brooklyn Farms to get our hands in the soil and learn from local farmers. No farm day would be complete without harvesting veggies, learning to compost, and cooking food fresh from the farm. Alongside the chefs and farmers at North Brooklyn FArms, we will make our way through the farm and the kitchen to the ultimate local food experience.



Cancellation Policy

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Cancellations made 3 weeks or less before any Sprouts class, event or camp: Not eligible for refund
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“I signed my 12 year old daughter for a week long sprouts summer camp and she loved it! She got to experience what  a real restaurant kitchen is like. She basically went restaurant hopping to some of the finest eateries in SF, met with chefs who love what they do and who are interested in teaching kids about food and cooking. She fixed dishes I would never make!”

– Martha R

“Ava had such a positive experience with Sprouts. It’s the first camp ever that she was willing to do on her own, she was THAT excited about cooking with you! She loved all the fun locations and I was impressed with the breath of experiences, the mix of gardens and kitchens and how sophisticated some of the recipes were that she made. She couldn’t wait to share every afternoon when I picked her up.”

– Erin

“Our daughter Madeline really enjoyed the whole experience.  She started the camp as a kid who didn’t like eating her veggies.  This weekend, she asked for vegetables to be added to our grocery list (previously unheard of!), and wanted to start cooking vegetable dishes. As a parent, this was way beyond my expectations!  Our whole family was really impressed with the whole program – from the caliber of restaurants that participated, the dishes the kids made, the emphasis on healthy eating/cooking, and the techniques the kids learned.  It was evident a lot of hard work, planning, and care went into the design of the program.”

-Tsin-Ming Goldsmith

“I really liked the Sprouts cooking class because I was able to cook with my friends and we made some really great dishes. My favorite was a salad with pomegranate dressing and kale. After we made flatbreads in class, I started making them at home”


“I am loving camp! I am learning so many new techniques and have tasted so many things I have never tried before.”


“I learned THREE WAYS to hold a knife today! Hide your fingertips, make a tunnel, and I forget the third one. I am learning so many new recipes, like Bibingka! I am going to make that for my birthday cake dessert!”


“Amelia absolutely loved the Sprouts Cooking Camp. She came home every day talking about what she had learned that day and has taken upon herself to create at least one dish a day for us to share since then – usually dessert! She came home with such confidence and enthusiasm for cooking that I think she will be an inspired cook for years to come! Thank you to Karen, and to the entire Sprouts team!”

-Kristen Halle

“When I was 9, I started a baking business because I loved to bake, but I was by myself in the kitchen trying to learn on my own. Slowly, I reached out to others who shared my passion. Today, three years later, I am surrounded by people who inspire, support and help me follow my dreams. Sprouts helped me find these people and I am so thankful”

Payton Pelaez
Chez Pay, 2016

“My son has been attending Sprouts classes since he was about 8 years old, and now he is 12. Sprouts has been a really important part of his life. He’s had so many amazing experiences cooking with the chefs of some of the area’s most fabulous restaurants.

But most important is the relationship he has developed with the people of Sprouts. He loves the people, forms relationships with the chefs, brings home amazing food, recipes, and everyone makes a point of getting to know him and us. He’s developed great culinary skills that he can use at home and in other settings, his skills have contributed to overall self-confidence; we give Sprouts a lot of credit for this. Nothing has come close to the real-world culinary experience provided by the entire Sprouts organization.”

– Mary A


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