NYC Summer Cooking Camps

Due to COVID-19, Sprouts’ will be replacing our summer camps with virtual dinner classes with hotshot chefs from New York City and Beyond!

We hope you can join us! 


 Sprouts NYC camps are intensive, culinary weeks chock-full of in-restaurant cooking classes, chef-led workshops, sustainable cooking and baking, farm-fresh ingredients, market visits…and so much more! A typical camp day includes a morning and afternoon session at two different restaurants. Join our email list to be the first to hear about our 2021 summer camps!

Chefs & Restaurants Galore!

Dates, Ages, and Locations

Drop-off and Pick-up:
 Washington Square Park
During the day, we travel to local restaurants and markets. Early Drop-off available!
Camp Tuition (Per Week): $700
60% of your camp tuition fee is a charitable deduction and sponsors
underserved, NYC youth to train to become professional chefs
 Receive a $100 refund with our company matching program.

* Camp tuition does not include MTA/Metro Card transportation and one round-trip PATH ticket between culinary sites or optional, personal market money.
*As we cook with real chefs, itinerary is subject to change 

Sample Day Schedule

Monday, July 13

We kick off our camp week at the absolutely incredible Dino BBQ.  Chef and Founder of Dino BBQ, John Stage, will give our campers an inside look at the incredibly tender, delicious food that he and his team cook up every day in Gowanus, Brooklyn.  Get ready to become a grill master! Later on, we’ll be heading to Negril BK, a lip-smackin’ Carribean restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Chef Ron will teach our campers to cook up some of his favorite dishes and teach us a thing or two about Carribean culture while we enjoy a meal together!

Tuesday, July 14

Sustainability Tuesday! Today we’re hanging with the culinary crew at Seamore’s, a wildly delicious, sustainable seafood restaurant in Brookfield Place. Seamore’s prides itself on an incredibly fresh menu — their purveyors work with local fishermen to build a sustainable sea-to-plate pipeline.  All of their fish can be traced back to its original catch.

In the afternoon we’ll ride across the Manhattan Bridge to Rhodora Wine Bar in Fort Greene, renowned for its commitment to a waste-free kitchen.  Ingredients are delivered via bicycle in reusable glass containers, and all food waste is used as compost for local gardens. Campers will learn about how chefs use all parts of ingredients to decrease a kitchen’s carbon footprint. 

Wednesday, July 15

We’ll start our third camp morning at O Ya, known as one of the best sushi restaurants in the world.  The team of thoughtful chefs features incredbly fresh seafood and ingredients and will help our campers understand the care with each every ingredient is handled.  In the afternoon, we’ll head over to Red Hook and join the team at Baked NYC. This self-described classic American bakery has been experimenting with all-natural batters for as long as they’ve been around.  Known by locals for their brownies and blondies, the team at Baked will show our campers their approach to incredible pastries, cakes, and more!

Thursday, July 16

Today we’ll be donning our aprons at the esteemed Bouley at Home to experience what Chef David Bouley calls “more than a restaurant.”  Campers will learn how to create a fine dining experience, and cook up a feast in one of the most well-known kitchens in Flatiron. Pinch me now – This is too good to be true! 

Field trip! We’re hopping across the Hudson River to Jersey City, where we’ll spend time cooking and learning with Chef Christopher Zabita at Batello.  The Manhattan skyline will be the backdrop for our young chefs to learn to cook the perfectly al dente pasta and so much more deliciousness!  

Friday, July 17

On our final day of camp, we’re getting a taste of the new and the old.  We’ll roll up our sleeves at Spring Bone Kitchen, a restaurant recently created by two friends who are passionate about all that is wholesome and flavorful. Our dishes promise to be both mouthwatering and nourishing. Bellies full, we’ll go back in time a century and a half to the famous Delmonico’s Restaurant.  Founded in 1837, Delmonico’s is the first fine dining restaurant in New York City, and the perfect exclamation mark to our campers’ summer with Sprouts. Uuufff, what a week! But the adventure isn’t over. Now it’s time to go home and cook our new recipes and hone our skills for our families!


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What’s on the Menu this Summer?

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Campers 7-12 years old are welcome to sign up as campers! Teens ages 13-15 are encouraged to apply for our Junior Counselor (JC) positions. JC registration and payment is the same as campers. Up to two junior counselors are selected for each session to help serve as a liaison between the chef and the campers, and help with the more difficult techniques. No prior cooking experience is needed!

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“I signed my 12 year old daughter for a week long sprouts summer camp and she loved it! She got to experience what  a real restaurant kitchen is like. She basically went restaurant hopping to some of the finest eateries in SF, met with chefs who love what they do and who are interested in teaching kids about food and cooking. She fixed dishes I would never make!”

– Martha R

“Ava had such a positive experience with Sprouts. It’s the first camp ever that she was willing to do on her own, she was THAT excited about cooking with you! She loved all the fun locations and I was impressed with the breath of experiences, the mix of gardens and kitchens and how sophisticated some of the recipes were that she made. She couldn’t wait to share every afternoon when I picked her up.”

– Erin

“Our daughter Madeline really enjoyed the whole experience.  She started the camp as a kid who didn’t like eating her veggies.  This weekend, she asked for vegetables to be added to our grocery list (previously unheard of!), and wanted to start cooking vegetable dishes. As a parent, this was way beyond my expectations!  Our whole family was really impressed with the whole program – from the caliber of restaurants that participated, the dishes the kids made, the emphasis on healthy eating/cooking, and the techniques the kids learned.  It was evident a lot of hard work, planning, and care went into the design of the program.”

-Tsin-Ming Goldsmith

“I really liked the Sprouts cooking class because I was able to cook with my friends and we made some really great dishes. My favorite was a salad with pomegranate dressing and kale. After we made flatbreads in class, I started making them at home”


“I am loving camp! I am learning so many new techniques and have tasted so many things I have never tried before.”


“I learned THREE WAYS to hold a knife today! Hide your fingertips, make a tunnel, and I forget the third one. I am learning so many new recipes, like Bibingka! I am going to make that for my birthday cake dessert!”


“Amelia absolutely loved the Sprouts Cooking Camp. She came home every day talking about what she had learned that day and has taken upon herself to create at least one dish a day for us to share since then – usually dessert! She came home with such confidence and enthusiasm for cooking that I think she will be an inspired cook for years to come! Thank you to Karen, and to the entire Sprouts team!”

-Kristen Halle

“When I was 9, I started a baking business because I loved to bake, but I was by myself in the kitchen trying to learn on my own. Slowly, I reached out to others who shared my passion. Today, three years later, I am surrounded by people who inspire, support and help me follow my dreams. Sprouts helped me find these people and I am so thankful”

Payton Pelaez
Chez Pay, 2016

“My son has been attending Sprouts classes since he was about 8 years old, and now he is 12. Sprouts has been a really important part of his life. He’s had so many amazing experiences cooking with the chefs of some of the area’s most fabulous restaurants.

But most important is the relationship he has developed with the people of Sprouts. He loves the people, forms relationships with the chefs, brings home amazing food, recipes, and everyone makes a point of getting to know him and us. He’s developed great culinary skills that he can use at home and in other settings, his skills have contributed to overall self-confidence; we give Sprouts a lot of credit for this. Nothing has come close to the real-world culinary experience provided by the entire Sprouts organization.”

– Mary A


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