Virtual After-School Classes

Since 2011, Sprouts Cooking Club has been teaching healthy cooking classes at over 30 different Bay Area schools, and now we are making these culinary adventures available to schools throughout the country. We are excited to announce that our NEW Sprouts Virtual After-School Classes will be in schools nationwide this fall!

A girl watches a cooking lesson on her tablet while cutting vegetables. The class is taught by a chef from Sprouts Cooking Club.
A young boy cuts a pear with a knife in an after-school cooking class provided by Sprouts Cooking Club in San Francisco, CA.
Two girls look at the inside of an apple they've just cut up as part of a cooking class from Sprouts Cooking Club.

More than just a cooking tutorial, these interactive classes give kids an opportunity to gain a foundation of essential culinary skills along with an understanding of where food comes from. All of our lesson plans and recipes include crucial nutritional lessons, including sugar reduction and ingredient awareness.

Sprouts Virtual After-School Classes are available to schools all over the United States. If you’d like YOUR school to host an after-school class, click on the button below to add them to our list! 


+ Students aged 7-15 are welcome to participate.

+ Classes are 60-90 minutes long and run for 8+ weeks.

+ Each class is made up of students from your child’s school who will interact live with a Sprouts guest chef!

+ Your child will learn essential cooking skills so that they can cook at home for the family.

+ All of our menus are seasonal and nutritious, including recipes like homemade ricotta gnocchi, frittatas, sushi, orange almond cake, and more! 

+ All menus will have vegetarian and gluten-free substitutes.


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