Sprouts Board of Directors

Cyril Guignard

International Finance, Paris

The only thing more exciting than our cooking classes is our cooking classes that take place in Paris! Cyril was a part of the dedicated team in France that helped us host young chefs for a hands-on cooking experience like never before. We can’t imagine our Parisian culinary journey without him, and now we’re lucky to have him as a member of the Board of Directors.


The Inside Scoop

When you’re not working with Sprouts, what’s your profession?

I’m currently the head of international finance at a construction company based in Paris, and I owned several restaurants for seven years in Paris.

Why are you interested in cooking education?

On a personal level, I’m a bon vivant — I like gastronomy! But overall, it’s the conviviality of a good meal shared with friends. I think we should be careful about what we put on our plates: we should eat local, healthy, and be respectful of our environment. This doesn’t come naturally, it’s all education!

Why is it important for kids to learn how to cook for themselves?

First, cooking is fun. Second, it’s healthy. Third, it’s all about socialization. Kids learning how to cook for themselves (hands-on) means they will eventually cook for others. Cooking is sharing and caring!

What is it that first made you interested in food?

I don’t know for sure, it was a long time ago. I opened my eyes, I was interested in food — maybe it was my French blood (;

What’s one rewarding experiences as a Sprouts fan?

It was the most fun when we brought the Sprouts team to cook with us in the South of France.