Chantel Brewster

Chantel Brewster
June 14 – July 22, 2021


Generously Sponsored By: Stephen Perkins and Miranda Lux Foundation
Age, at time of Internship: 15
CIT Intern: Summer 2021
Restaurant Host: Chop Bar
Wraparound Program: Oakland Unified School District OUSD
Intern’s Story: Chantel grew up in Oakland under the custody of a mother who battled addiction. After losing their home, Chantel experienced homelessness. When her father was able to gain custody, the stability of a home and a working father allowed Chantel to have the opportunity to bake and even cook dinner. Realizing that this was her passion, she enrolled in Sprouts’ Chef-In-Training Program. She is eager to discover what it takes to become a professional chef and she feels that she has the life experience and stamina to make her dreams come true.


Hello! I just wanted to start this out by thanking you for making this opportunity possible. I greatly appreciate the experience this internship has provided for me. You see, the main reason I chose this internship was not only my passion for cooking but because of my mother. My mother passed away in January and while she struggled with addiction, which had made her give up on practically everything, the one thing she never stopped caring about was opening her own restaurant someday. I hope to make that happen for her someday and I think that this internship is the first step to make that happen. We were never close, but working in the Chop Bar and building bonds with everyone in that kitchen over the last month has made me feel closer to my mom than I ever have. So again, thank you so much.