NYC Summer Camps

Chef-Led Cooking Camps for Kids

Kids Cook Right Inside Real Restaurants!

Come Cook Alongside Real Chefs this Summer

We couldn’t be more excited! We’re in NYC this summer again so that even more youth can get the opportunity to cook, hands-on, with some of the world’s most talented chefs!
Based in Manhattan and Brooklyn, our week-long camps are an intensive culinary experience chock-full of hands-on cooking classes in restaurants, farm harvests, camper cook-offs, blindfolded palate play…and so much more! Sprouts campers will work alongside guest chefs from some of the leading restaurants in NYC. Past partners include Luke’s Lobster, Union Square Cafe, and Tarallucci e Vino. You’d be crazy not to join in our culinary frenzy this summer – it’s gonna be ridiculously delicious! Plus, if you sign up with a buddy, we will offer you $70 off each of your camp fees.
Camps run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in July, and each week is unique! Throughout the day, Sprouts youth chefs visit different restaurants, markets, farms, and venues all over New York City.  All drop offs and pick-ups will take place in Manhattan. A typical day includes cooking with chefs as we reinforce knife skills and safety skills through hands-on cooking, and of course, we’ll be tasting our creations throughout the day. We will learn how to taste and smell our way through improvisational cooking as well as learning favorite recipes and dishes from the Executive Chefs teaching the classes.

Week 1: July 9th – 13th
Week 2: July 16th – 20th
Week 3: July 23rd – 27th
Counselors and Campers
Children 7-12 are welcome to apply as a camper. Each week-long camp session will have 10-15 campers with a counselor ratio of 3:1. Classes are led by guest chefs, and assisted by food and nutrition-loving counselors.
Junior Counselor Campers
Teens ages 13-15 are encouraged to apply for our Junior Counselor (JC) positions. JC registration and payment is the same as campers. Up to two junior counselors are selected for each session to help serve as a liaison between the chef and the campers, and help with the more difficult techniques.
Camp Fee: $590
This includes snacks throughout the day, lunch, and ingredients. The camp fee does not include bus or subway tickets to and from restaurants. It also does not include market goodies we may buy! A significant portion of this camp fee goes directly to financial-based scholarships offered during camps and throughout the year, and goes to subsidize our Chef-in-Training program for disadvantaged youth. Each camp week is unique, so feel free to sign up for as many sessions as you would like!
*60% of your camp tuition is tax-deductible
*Thank you! Your camp fee allows us to off scholarships for those in need
*As always, scholarships are available for those in need!

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Aprons + T-Shirts + Sweatshirts

Buy a Sprouts’ apron, t-shirt, or sweatshirt when you pay for camp! We’ll bring it to camp for you!



Questions and Answers

Q: Will drop off and pick up location be the same?
A: Pick-up and drop-off will always be in Manhattan. The actual location, however, depends on the location of our first and last class, wherever it takes place. A letter will be emailed before the camp week, confirming drop off and pick-up locations of each day!
Q: What is an ideal camper?
A: No prior experience is necessary! Community is key for us at Sprouts, and we want kids to build their skills through practice and repetition. Another very important factor is a demonstration of sincere interest for wholesome food and cooking. Our online camp application requires that each child answers a series of questions because it is important to us that all children attending our camps are motivated to cook, and eager to explore new foods.
Q: What does it mean if my child is wait-listed?
A: We want every child to be involved in our camps this summer! However, it’s incredibly important that each week of camp has a balance of genders, age ranges, skill levels, and scholarship recipients. We’ve got a tough job! We review each application, one by one, reading over each response of your child in order to make sure that each child will add to our camper diversity and bring an excitement for exploring new techniques and new foods! Our camper diversity has to be as colorful as the produce we are going to work with! If your child is wait-listed, however, it doesn’t mean that he or she won’t get in! There’s hope! Campers that are waitlisted because the session is full will be notified right away if another child has to forfeit their spot because of unforeseen circumstances.
Q: How many campers are there in each session?
A: Each camp session has about 8 to 12 kids. We decide the amount by the week’s lineup of restaurants and guest chefs, the demographics of the group, and the team for that week. We like to keep the counselor: aspiring chef ratio 1:3.
Q: What about payment, how does this work?
A: You register, apply and pay at the same time! We want to make your life as easy as possible. If for some reason, however, we decide not to accept a camper after review of their application, the payment will be refunded immediately, and in full.
Q: How much is each week-long session of camps?
A: $590 per week. This includes tasters throughout the day, lunch, and ingredients. The camp fee does not include bus and BART fees to and from restaurants. A significant portion of this camp fee goes directly to financial-based scholarships offered during camps and throughout the year, and goes to subsidize our Chef-In-Training Program for disadvantaged youth.
Q: If I need financial assistance, how do I apply for a scholarship?
A: As always, Sprouts is proud to offer scholarships to classes and camps throughout the entire year! This summer is no exception! In order to apply for a camp scholarship, you just gotta go to the Sprouts website and fill out the application. Please note that scholarships are given only to those that cannot otherwise afford to attend camps. Merit and financial need are a must and you will be asked to show financial documentation to confirm your need. Each scholarship application is reviewed case by case. It’s really important to us that ALL kids get a chance to learn the importance of nutritional, balanced eating through hands-on cooking. Your financial aid application will be reviewed within two weeks of its submission.
Q: Why are the kids working with so many different chefs, restaurants, purveyors, and culinary guests each week?
A: We are convinced that the best way to truly learn how to cook sustainably and eat a balanced diet is to learn, hands-on, from chefs that have different ethnic backgrounds, individual cooking techniques and unique philosophies on nutrition and ingredients. In this way, each child will formulate their own food philosophy, develop their own techniques, and foster a general appreciation for variety.
Q: Will the campers be using public transportation during the camp day?
A: Yep! We will use public transportation such as the bus and the metro. The price of public transportation is not included within the price of the camp, and children will be asked to bring along a Metro Card each day. We will not have time to add value to cards, so it is imperative that you purchase and fill a Clipper card for your child before the camp week begins! We suggest adding at least $35 on the Clipper card so as to be sure to have more than enough value for the week. Our transportation coordinator will email all the parents in advance to confirm the transportation itinerary and estimated fees for each day.
Q: Will the kids be having lunch? Breakfast?
A: While we will not be serving breakfast, snacks throughout the day and lunch will be provided. After all, we will eat what we make! We like to keep a balance between sweets and savory dishes throughout the day. Not only is moderation an important lesson for the kids to learn, but we also have found that kids on a sugar rush is not very conducive to a smooth day (; We highly encourage all parents to send along healthy, easy-to-eat snacks along with their children for each camp day. We also strongly recommend that parents send along a natural drink such as water or natural fruit juice that they can sip on all day long. While we are cooking and tasting and sipping throughout the entire day, we find that every once in awhile, some campers don’t take to a new dishes or a certain ingredient here and there. For this reason among others,  healthy, comfortable, and easy-to-eat snacks are the best way to keep your child energized and satisfied no matter the menu, the timing of a cooking class, or the activity’s theme.
Q: Do participants need prior cooking experience or skills?
A: All skill levels are welcome – we have a 1 to 3 ratio of counselors to kids so we can cater to their skill level! We are confident that we can match your aspiring chef’s skill level.
Q: Who are the counselors?
A: Food-loving, nutrition-focused students and community members from all over! Our counselors are so enthusiastic about Sprouts and real foods that they are all donating their time to share their passion with your children!  Many of the students are currently majoring in nutrition while others are just passionate about the Slow Food movement.
Q: What types of equipment will the kids be using?
A: Induction burners, stove-tops, pasta makers, knives, blenders… you name it, we use it. However, safety is our absolute, very first priority; our counselors will always be monitoring the safe use of our equipment and reinforcing basic cooking safety techniques.
Q: Does my child need to bring anything to class?
A: Water bottles, healthy snacks, and a small tupperware (just in case your child has tasters left-over!) are all items that we highly recommend your child brings. In addition, just like a real chef, children are responsible for bringing their own chef’s kits to camp each day which consists of items such as: a labeled chef’s knife, an apron, a sharp paring knife, rags, 1 peeler, and 1 small cutting board. We strongly suggest that your child writes their name on anything they bring and keep track of their belongings. Unfortunately, Sprouts can not be responsible for any losses or theft. We also ask that each child brings a Clipper Card with them with at least $35 for the week. Optional items include: spending money in case your child wants to buy anything at the restaurants we are at and a notebook to record all the recipes and culinary techniques they learn!
Q: Do Junior counselors pay the same price as campers?
A: Yes. In terms of registration, selection, and payment, the Junior Counselors are treated the same as campers. However, during the camps, Junior Counselors are given more independence and special privileges, more leadership-oriented tasks, and have more one-on-one contact with the chefs as they serve as the liaison between the chef and the younger campers.
Q: In case of cancellation, what is Sprouts’ Summer camp refund policy?
A: Our cancellation policy is such that we refund 50% of any cancelled summer camp sessions up to 3 weeks before the camp session’s initial day. Within 3 weeks of the start of the camp, the camp fee is no longer refundable. You can, however, invite a friend to take the place of a cancelled spot.
Q: What if I have more questions?
A: If you would like to get a better feel of the camps’ organization, please feel free to email Katie at or reach the head camp coordinator at 406-270-9819.