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We wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for our team of passionate volunteers that work hard to make an impact in the lives of our youth! We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities – from assisting cooking classes to writing grants and reaching out to sponsors. We are committed to teaching our volunteers as much as possible about the nonprofit sector, working with youth, and the culinary arts.


We look forward to learning more about you! Please fill out our Volunteer Application, and a team member will contact you soon!

Don’t miss this opportunity to work behind-the-scenes of a culinary non-profit working to teach youth how to cook healthy meals for their communities! At Sprouts Cooking Club, you will gain inimitable, first-hand experience working within a successful culinary nonprofit. 

Time Commitment: 
  • For summer camps, half or full weekdays of hands-on cooking at our summer camps 
  • For birthday parties, 3 hours per event, mostly held on the weekends  
  • For after school classes, 2 hour classes which occur during the week in the afternoon throughout the Bay Area  
  • Group size ranges from 9-12 kids, ages between 7-12 years old

Description: Do you LOVE to cook? Then this is the perfect opportunity for full-time students and professionals to give back to the community. Join Sprouts as a Volunteer Cooking Class Assistant! We are looking for culinary and nutritional enthusiasts to assist with our summer camps, after school culinary classes, or birthday parties.  See first-hand the inner workings of a non-profit while cooking with kids, and eating delicious food! 

Requirements: No formal cooking experience is required – just a love for working with kids and trying new recipes!

How to Apply: Please fill out the link below and email us at sprouts@sproutscookingclub.org with a copy of your resume.

CompensationThis is a volunteer opportunity.

Share your culinary passion with the next generation of chefs!  


“I volunteered with Sprouts this past summer and loved it! I work in the nutrition field and so I really enjoyed seeing kids learn the skills needed to get creative with food and live a healthy life. The kids are exposed to amazing chefs in the community and have so many first-rate experiences. The Sprouts team puts in an incredible amount of effort behind the scenes and also on a day to day basis at the cooking classes/camp.”

-Meghan C

“Volunteering with sprouts was an awesome experience. Very smooth volunteer process, I’ve done it several times. Upon arrival, their Operations Director provides an overview of the program and then kids start arriving. The chefs always are excited and we always make such delicious foods and learn so much about cooking and health. It’s always awesome to see a shy or nervous child’s personality emerge while cooking. Sprouts is doing really amazing and necessary work in our community.”

– Casey A.

Share your talent!

Do you have a specific professional service, or talent that you would like to share with us?  Send us a email!


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