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We wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for our team of passionate team members that work hard to make an impact in the lives of our youth! We offer a wide range of paid positions – from teaching cooking classes to human resources to event planning. We are committed to teaching our team members as much as possible about the nonprofit sector, youth, and the culinary arts.


Job Description:
Do you enjoy cooking for yourself, or want the chance to put your untapped chef potential to the test? Do you love working with kids, and being involved in your community? Make a child’s birthday that much more special and share your passion for cooking with the next generation of chefs as one of Sprouts’ Birthday Party Chef Instructors!
Your Role:
We are currently looking for motivated, personable instructors that are passionate about Alice Water’s mission to educate kids about the importance of nutrition and cooking! You will get to work hands-on with our chef kiddos who are so excited to get cookin’ with you! This position is a super rewarding way to use your culinary skills in a fun and exciting environment!
We are looking for candidates who are natural leaders, quick thinkers, and problem solvers. We hope you join us for a season of delicious food and tons of cooking with fun and energetic kid chefs!
You will be responsible for each group of little chefs, addressing safety, sanitation, and knife skills when necessary to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. You will also be in charge of organizing the menu with the parents beforehand, coordinating ingredients with the inventory staff, and scheduling volunteers to work with you. We usually block out 3 hours for each party, to allow time for you to set up ingredients, prepare the dish, eat, and clean up afterwards. The 3 hour window does not account for the time needed to stop by the inventory space in Oakland to pack ingredients.
Class Details:
Party groups are up to 16 kids
Ages range between 7-12
Lesson plans and ingredients will be provided!
Your Professional Growth:
If you are a culinary aficionado, aspiring chef or a culinary entrepreneur, this is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door within the culinary community and meet the right people! This position will provide valuable experience working within a successful nonprofit. You will have the opportunity to hone in on your organizational skills, time management, and leadership.
Your Team:
As Sprouts’ Birthday Party Chef Instructor you will have the support of our growing team of 13 full and part-time team members, several interns, and over 25 volunteers.
Your Office and Schedule:
Your office space will be different birthday party venues across the Bay Area! You will also be in and out of our inventory space in West Oakland.
General work hours: weekends
You will work with families throughout SF, the East Bay, and Marin!
Your hours will be based on the parents’ preferences, but allow 3 hours for setting up, cooking, and clean-up.
Skills and Requirements:
You must have:
Personal car
Teaching experience
Cooking experience
Weekend availability
Live in the Bay Area!
Flexible schedule
Commitments and Contract Period:
4 month commitment
4-8 hours/week

Compensation and Benefits:

$70 per birthday party

Please email your resume to sprouts@sproutscookingclub.org

Job Posting:

Sprouts is looking for a driven and passionate Accountant to join our team! This position offers a unique experience in nonprofit accounting, budget management, and insurance matters. Your position will keep our systems and team running smoothly so that Sprouts’ Chef-in-Training and community programming continues to impact the lives of underserved Bay Area youth. Your role will be crucial in maintaining an organized environment and well-oiled team. 

Your Role: 

You’ll see the behind-the-scenes of a small nonprofit all the while allowing you to work from anywhere you’d like, and pick hours that work with your schedule. Prior experience with nonprofit accounting is preferred, but not obligatory. As Sprouts’ Accountant, you work with a firm that files our taxes at the end of each year, and correspond with municipal and state representatives when permitting and business licensing comes up. You will also have the option of overseeing an accounting intern that will help you in tasks such as payroll and budget projections. You’ll get exposure to working with a fast-growing and dynamic team and work both with the Executive Director and team members. We look forward to reviewing your application!

  • Accounting Degree
  • 2+ years of Accounting experience
  • QuickBooks Online experience
  • Reliable access to computer and internet
  • Minimum of 10 hours of weekly time commitment
  • Ability to work remotely
  • 24-hour response time on all emails and texts during work weeks
  • 3-day turn-over for all general tasks
Sample Tasks:
  • Record Keeping In Quickbooks
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Expense Reports/ Reimbursements
  • Payroll Processing and Reporting
  • Issuing end of year 1099`s and W-2s
  • Electronic Filing of documents and receipts
  • Managing Budget
  • Depositing Checks and storing photos of all checks
  • Process improvements as and when needed
  • Ad hoc reporting as needed
  • Insurance contract management (correspondence with insurance brokers)
  • Business license tracking (making sure licensing is renewed)
Your Professional Growth:

This position will provide valuable experience working closely with Sprouts’ team members, including the Executive Director and our lawyers. As a small nonprofit with little hierarchy, your voice will be heard and your opinion will be sought after! We want you to have a valuable experience and are happy to cater your role to meet your own career goals and objectives. 

Locations and Hours:

Sprouts General Work Hours: Monday through Friday 9 to 5 PT, Remote Wednesdays

Restaurants and venues in SF, Oakland, and beyond

Compensation and Benefits:
  • $17-18/ hr depending on location
  • For Bay Area applicants, opportunity to work at the office with our team
How to Apply:

We can’t wait to review your application! Please send the following to sprouts@sproutscookingclub.org:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter that explains why your skill set, interests/goals, and past experiences are pertinent to the position
Company Description: 

Sprouts is a nonprofit that teaches youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds what REAL food is all about. We do this through hands-on cooking with REAL chefs from mission-based restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area! With the support of Jamie Oliver and the endorsement of Alice Waters on our advisory board, we fulfill our mission through three main programs:

  • Chef-in-Training Internships for underserved young adults that want to change their lives around through a culinary career
  • Chef-in-Training Fundraiser Classes and Camps on weekends and school breaks for diverse Bay Area youth
  • Classes for children with special needs

6 team members (Executive Director, Culinary Coordinator, Accountant, 3 Americorps), 5 Board of Directors, 9 Advisory Members, 50+ volunteers, and 100+ local chefs.



  • “Volunteering with sprouts was an awesome experience. Very smooth volunteer process, I’ve done it several times and get the right amount of reminders. Upon arrival, their operations director provides an overview of the program and then kids start arriving. The chefs always are excited to work with the kids and we always make such delicious foods and learn so much about cooking and health. It’s always awesome to see a shy or nervous child’s personality emerge while cooking. Sprouts is doing really amazing and necessary work in our community.”

    Casey A
    Event Assistant
  • “I felt that even in my short summer with this organization, I had made a large impact for many. My time with Sprouts Cooking Club has been challenging, equipping, and growing.  As an intern, I enjoyed dipping my hands in the many moving parts of this living and growing organization. It was a real joy and I hope to collaborate with Sprouts in the future!”

    Tiffany Xu
    Founder's Assistant
  • “The summer I spent interning with Sprouts was an extremely formative and engaging. Being able to enter a workplace where people are just as passionate and excited about food and the power it has in bringing people together as I am was amazing and really exciting. As soon as you join the team you are trusted with responsibilities and are made to feel like your opinions and work count for something in the larger organization. Working with a collaborative team was very helpful as I was able to gain real-time feedback and work through my tasks with the diverse perspectives of my team. Working with Sprouts has not only provided me with working experience but a community with a network that I know I can rely on.”

    Isabel Ling
    Office Assistant


We can’t wait to review your application! Applications with are on a rolling basis, so apply now! Please fill out this Google Form, and then send the following to sprouts@sproutscookingclub.org.
Required Materials:
              • Curriculum Vitae (resume)
              • 300-400 word-count cover letter that explains why your skill set, interests/goals, and past experiences are pertinent to the position
Application Process: Initial phone/video interview. Written/in person trial assignment. Final in-person interview.
Letter of Recommendation: At the completion of the internship, the general director writes letters of recommendation for all outstanding interns.


BAY : (510) 680-3614
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