Apply To Be A CIT Intern

Applications are now OPEN for our Summer 2020 internship! Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning April 1-May 15. Summer internships will start in early June 2020.



Sprouts’ Chef-In-Training Program offers young adults that haven’t had it easy the opportunity to change their lives by training them to become chefs. For 6 months, they are paid to learn everything they need to know to land a sustainable job in the modern restaurant industry. They train directly alongside a local mentor chef and receive job application coaching from Wells Fargo.

  • Live in stable housing in California’s Bay Area
  • 15 to 24 years old
  • Have a passion for food and cooking, and a potential desire to be a chef as a career!*
  • Available for a 3-4 month commitment (10-15 hours/week)
  • Demonstrate low-income background or financial need (e.g. eligible for free or reduced-cost school lunch, qualify for SNAP/CalFresh/EBT Benefits)
  • Have access to transportation (personal or public)
  • Speak fluent English 

*No experience in the restaurant industry is required






    Interview: A 15-20 minute in-person interview with the Chef-in-Training Manager

    Pre-Internship Orientation: Discussion of internship logistics, restaurant kitchen expectations, and Food Handlers & Safety Certification introduction

    Trial Shift at Potential Host Restaurant: A 3-4 hour formal shift with your potential mentor chef’s restaurant to assess if the internship environment is a long-term good fit.



    Host Restaurant/Mentor Chef Placement: A schedule of weekly shifts is set. The mentor chef guides the intern through basic knife skills and various stations specific to their restaurant.

    Stipend: The intern is compensated for their work through an honorary stipend and/or academic credit. 

    Progress Reports & Check-ins: The Chef-in-Training Manager checks in periodically with the intern regarding the progress of cooking skills learned, to establish weekly goals, and provide support for anything the intern may need. The chef provides progress reports and feedback on a weekly and monthly basis.

    Program Graduation: When the full term of the intern’s program has been fulfilled, the intern will have completed training in food handling and storage, meal prep, and working in various stations of the kitchen such as pasta, grill, meat, pastry, etc. The intern is awarded a Program Completion Certificate during their final restaurant shift!



    Post-Internship: Many interns have been hired on by their host restaurant upon completion of the program. Additionally, Sprouts offers overall job search and furthering education support to help the intern transition into their next future endeavor in the culinary world. Sprouts also offers job market preparation and personal finance seminars through the Wells Fargo Hands on Banking Program!


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