Our Team


Karen Rogers
Founder and Director

Favorite Foods: I love fresh fruits and vegetables. Pickled, sautéed, boiled, chopped, raw, cooked —there is no form that I don’t enjoy. And anything with a Moroccan twist.

Sasha Strohkendl
Team Director

Favorite Foods: I love to honor the seasons and keep things fresh! Most days you’ll find me enjoying a big green salad with endless toppings: carrot ribbons, toasted seeds, crunchy pickles, etc. and a slice of my homemade sprouted wheat sourdough!

Katie Doherty
Operations and Partnerships Director

Favorite Foods: Farming is what brought me to California, and I still lend a hand on my friend’s farm in Petaluma when I can. Absolutely nothing beats a meal that I’ve harvested and cooked with the people I love. Rich butternut squash soup, salsa made with a rainbow of heirlooms, pesto on fresh sunny side eggs, and vibrant beet salad are definitely some of my favorites.

Camryn Hellwarth
NYC Director and Chef Ambassador

Favorite Foods: Any dish served with an over easy egg on top. I’ll add a slice of avocado and a pinch of Maldon salt to make the perfect bite.

Sarah Robertson
After School Program Director

Favorite FoodsMy favorite foods are the ones that makes me think! Foods with complex tasting profiles like chocolate (of course), apples, and dishes with lots of spices–where you can taste the soil they grow from and the history that created the food on your plate. The fresher, the better!

Sophia Riemer
After School Manager

Favorite Foods: Foods that remind me of my family like my mother’s cajun shrimp, my dad’s spaghetti and meatballs, and my grandmother’s matzo ball soup.

Sydney Grange
Recruitment and Volunteer Manager

Favorite Foods: I love all types of fruits and veggies. My favorites definitely vary seasonally, but you can’t go wrong with brussels sprouts! I also am a big fan of curries, cooked up with any vegetables at hand.

Marisa Nguyen
Chef-in-Training Program & Event Manager

Favorite Foods: I love foods that remind me of growing up in Southeast Asia. I could eat Vietnamese, Thai, and Singaporean food every day. I also always have room for dessert. Oh! And cheese. All the cheese.

Kevin Longa
AmeriCorps VISTA Video and Media Manager

Favorite Foods: Anything that gets me out of my comfort zone – from live shrimp in Copenhagen to balut in the Philippines. Plus, you can never go wrong with Thai.

Holden Bussey
Camp Director and Head Chef Instructor

Favorite Foods: Nothing compares to food that you’ve grown yourself, with seasonality dictating the menu! From oysters to vegetables, it’s important to understand and appreciate the land and the people that produce what we eat. My favorite dining experiences are those that are shared, with food serving as a means of bringing people together!

Katie Lauter
Culinary Instructor

Favorite Foods: I love making seasonal soups – be it gazpacho and ratatouille in the summer or creamy kale with white beans and carrot-ginger in the cooler months, I love them all.

Katie Bem
Office Administrator

Favorite Foods: I am all about balance! As a baker, I will always argue that no meal is complete without a little bit of dessert – pie, anyone!? But, you can always find me chopping up whatever fresh produce is in season, from squash to corn, tomatoes to swiss chard, I just can’t get enough!

Katarina Krska

Favorite foods: From European pastries to dishes from my home country like kale and potato soup, fruit filled dumplings or freshly baked bread… the list of my favorites is very long. Good thing cooking and baking is a passion of mine. But if I had to pick just one food, then raspberries – straight from the garden. Or better yet – picked up while hiking in the mountains!


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