Our Team

Kate Rogers
Executive Director

Favorite Foods: I love fresh fruits and vegetables. Pickled, sautéed, boiled, chopped, raw, cooked – there is no form that I don’t enjoy. And anything with a Moroccan twist!

Diane Paquette
HR and Office Manager

Favorite Foods: Growing up in Maine, my favorite food has to be lobster! We’d have a huge family clambake every summer and it was a rite of passage as you grew older on learning how to eat a lobster. I also have a passion for baking so during my free time, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen!

Katarina Krska

Favorite Foods: From European pastries to dishes from my home country like kale and potato soup, fruit filled dumplings or freshly baked bread… the list of my favorites is very long. Good thing cooking and baking is a passion of mine. But if I had to pick just one food, then raspberries – straight from the garden. Or better yet – picked up while hiking in the mountains!

Suzanne Wei
Chef-In-Training Manager

Suzanne grew up in San Francisco enjoying the local restaurants. In her free time, she enjoys watching reality cooking competitions and food travel shows. She loves making new recipes but doesn’t always have the ingredients on hand. Sometimes that makes a disaster and sometimes it works out! 

Jennifer Bigler
Summer Camp Director

Jennifer is a Food Blogger and 2-time cookbook Author. Previously she was a Career Nanny for 10 years. Food and creativity have always been a passion of hers and when she was diagnosed with food allergies she decided to create amazing recipes to share with others. Nothing brings her more joy than a table surrounded by people with good food and conversation. 

Carrie Kommers
Virtual Cooking Class Director

Favorite Foods: I grew up in LA but have Midwestern roots, so I love dim sum and authentic Mexican food as much as I do retro Jell-O molds and casseroles. Things you will always find in my fridge? Goat cheese, pickles (the brine is the best part), arugula and bubbly. The one food I couldn’t possibly live without? Sushi. 

Brenda Chiang
After-School Instructor

Favorite Foods: I am a Bay Area native baker with a lifelong passion for tasty treats. Food – whether making or eating – is central to my life. To that end, I attended Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco in 2013, and after an internship in Paris, France, started working at B. Patisserie. There, I touched all aspects of the bakery, from scones and cookies, to cakes and mousses, to croissants and brioche.  I love sharing my knowledge and treats with others! 

Stephanie Cohen
Office Assistant

Stephanie Cohen grew up in the San Francisco bay area, lucky to be a part of a household where enjoying delicious, home-made food was the norm. She truly values the experiences she gained in the kitchen at a young age and loves being part of an organization that makes it its mission to share this joy broadly with the next generation of young chefs. Working in the mental health field, she understands the importance of nutrition and food security to overall health and wellness. Stephanie speaks Spanish and enjoys traveling, rocking climbing, yoga, biking, hiking, and spending time in nature.

Marlayna Tillery
Virtual Class Coordinator

Favorite Foods: Food brings me so much joy! I am a lover of all fruits and vegetables. Often crave pad Thai or a margarita pizza. My all-time favorite vegetable is broccoli! Especially paired with a sprinkle of mustard seed which enhances the nutrient content I am also a popcorn fanatic! I prefer cooking popcorn right on the stove with avocado oil and salt and topped with nutritional yeast that gives it a cheesy flavor.

Ana Krisna Chan
Special Events and After School Instruction

Ana is a wellness chef and nurse with a background in Ayurveda and nutrition – food lights her up as long as she can remember.  She grew up in a home with housemates from around the world; learning their cultural cooking styles, flavors, and tricks in the kitchen.  Creating home-cooked, nutrient-dense, delicious meals is her passion.  A plant-forward omnivore, she stresses the importance of the use of fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits as well as fresh herbs and spices that enhance the vitality of the food we prepare.  She cooks with love and intention and she encourages those in her company to do the same!


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