Virtual Online Chef-Led Cooking Classes

Invite a celebrity chef into your home to cook family dinner with your child! Sprouts is teaming up with award-winning Bay Area chefs, mixologists, and pastry chefs to bring virtual dinner classes directly to your home. At the end of the class, your aspiring chef will be ready to proudly call out, “Dinner’s served!” to the family.

Sprouts Summer Camps

Join us for a delicious summer of

cooking with award-winning guest chefs!

Empowering The Next Generation

Sprouts Cooking Club empowers youth from all backgrounds to eat and live sustainably by teaching them how to cook healthy meals for themselves and their ​communities​. ​Sprouts’ Chef-In-Training Program​​ empowers underserved young women and youth of color to achieve financial independence through ​in-restaurant, vocational training and money management workshops.

Our Programs


Chef-In-Training Program
A 3-6 month culinary career training program where real chefs teach underserved, young adults the skills needed to secure a competitive job in the modern restaurant industry.

In-Restaurant Cooking Classes and Camps
Classes and camps for diverse children, 7-13, in the Bay Area, San Jose, NYC, and Paris.
All classes serve as a fundraiser for Sprouts Chef-In-Training Program.

CIT Fundraiser Birthday Parties
Youth birthday parties that serve as a fundraiser for Sprouts Chef-In-Training program.

Virtual Cooking Classes
Learn to cook from the comfort of your own kitchen.
Classes are taught by professional chefs!

We also work with CoachArt to offer cooking classes to children with chronic illnesses.


Sprouts’ fundraises for the Chef-In-Training Program by hosting cooking classes and camps for youth of all backgrounds that take place right inside restaurants, farms, and gardens. Classes are led by real chefs, farmers, and culinary guests.


The Chef-In-Training Program provides under-served, young adults a platform to break the cycle of poverty and violence by training them to become chefs. Chef-In-Training interns spend six months with a local mentor chef learning everything they need to be able to land a job in the restaurant industry.


Make a Monthly Donation

Want to stay involved throughout the year? Sign up for a monthly donation!
Your ongoing support is a crucial funding source for our Chef-In-Training interns. 

“I truly cannot think of anything more important than learning how to cook when you are young.”

-Alice Waters


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