2019 Summer Camps

Registration Opens February 19th!

Get ready to claim your spot before it’s too late; this summer is gonna be deliriously delicious! Our week-long camps are an intensive, culinary experience chock-full of hands-on cooking classes in outdoor kitchens and restaurants, farm harvests, market challenges, cook-offs, blindfolded palate play…and so much more! Kids ages 7-12 are welcome to join us in our culinary crusade!

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Inspiring Love For Good Food

Sprouts Cooking Club empowers youth from all backgrounds to eat and live sustainably by teaching them how to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families.


Sprouts empowers youth from all backgrounds to live healthier lives through 3 culinary programs:

Chef-in-Training Program
A 6-month culinary, vocational training program for underserved youth ages 16-24 where interns develop the essential skills needed to secure and maintain a job in the modern restaurant industry.

In-Restaurant Cooking Classes and Camps
Subsidized and free classes for diverse children, 7-12, in the Bay Area, NYC, and Paris. 

CIT Fundraiser Birthday Parties
Youth birthday parties that serve as a fundraiser for Sprouts Chef-in-Training program.


Sprouts runs subsidized cooking classes and camps for youth of all socioeconomic backgrounds that take place right inside restaurants, farms, and gardens. Classes are led by real chefs, farmers, and nutritional experts.


The Chef-in-Training Program gives underserved young adults the chance to change their lives by training them to become chefs. Chef-in-Training interns spend six months with a local mentor chef learning everything they need to be able to land a job in the restaurant industry.


Sprouts runs summer cooking camps for youth as a fundraiser for our Chef-in-Training Program. If you would like to sponsor the summer camp tuition of a child you can do so here! The entirety of your donation will be given as scholarship.



“There is no better way of caring than preparing meals and sharing. It is one of the pillars of humanity. The Sprouts Cooking Club experience leaves a lasting positive impression on the most impressionable of us – children. Good nutrition is a form of self-respect. Culinary skills promote pride and confidence and could even lead to a career.”

-Jason Vishnefske
Santa Barbara Chocolate

“Give a young person a spatula, and support, and something exciting starts to sizzle.”

Meredith May
San Francisco Chronicle

“I truly cannot think of anything more important than learning how to cook when you are young.”

-Alice Waters

“I can’t think of a better way to invest in everyone’s future, than by investing in the training of youth to become the thoughtful leaders and productive workers of tomorrow.”

-Lendri Purcell
The Jonas Family Fund
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