NYC Summer Camps


Based in Manhattan, our week-long camps are an intensive culinary experience chock-full of hands-on cooking classes in restaurants, farm harvests, camper cook-offs, blindfolded palate play…and so much more! Sprouts’ youth cooks will work alongside guest chefs from some of the hottest restaurants in the NYC area such as Blue Ribbon, Tacuba, Luke’s Lobster, Union Square Cafe and more! You’d be crazy not to join in our culinary frenzy this summer – it’s gonna be ridiculously delicious! Plus, if you sign up with a buddy, we will offer your $70 off of each of your camp fees!

Camps run from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM the last two weeks of July! Each week is unique! Throughout the day, Sprouts youth chefs visit different restaurants, markets, farms, and venues all over New York City.  All drop offs and pick-ups will take place in Manhattan. A typical day includes cooking with chefs and local cooks as we reinforce knife and safety skills through hands-on cooking, whipping up lunch, and tasting our creations throughout the day. We will learn how to taste and smell our way through improvisational cooking as well as learning favorite recipes and dishes from our culinary friends. We will meet with farmers and artisans, and forge relationships with local chefs and purveyors!


We’re heading to NYC this summer so that even more youth can get the opportunity to cook, hands-on, with some of the world’s most talented chefs!


Children 7-12 are welcome to apply as a camper. Each week-long camp session will have 10-15 campers with a counselor ratio of 3:1. Classes are led by guest chefs and assisted by food and nutrition-loving counselors. Teens ages 13-15 are encouraged to apply for our Junior Counselor (JC) positions. JC registration and payment is the same as campers. Up to two junior counselors are selected for each session to help serve as a liaison between the chef and the campers, and help with the more difficult techniques.

Society Cafe
52 West 13th Street, New York, NY
Washington Park
Waverly and 5th Ave
Union Square Cafe
101 E 19th Street, New York, NY
Washington Park
Waverly and 5th Ave
Harlem Grown
118 West 134th Street, New York, NY

Camp Fee

Sprouts charges $590, 60% of which is tax deductible. This includes snacks throughout the day, lunch, and ingredients. The camp fee does not include bus or subway tickets to and from restaurants. It also does not include market goodies we may buy! A significant portion of this camp fee goes directly to financial-based scholarships offered during camps and throughout the year, and goes to subsidize our Chef-in-Training program for disadvantaged youth. Each camp week is unique, so feel free to sign up for as many sessions as you would like!

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Session I

  • Monday

    Society Cafe

    Market-to-table Cooking With Exec Chef Chris Zabita!
    Monday, July 17th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    We’ll be starting off our culinary apprenticeship week with some bling right alongside the Executive Chef of Society Cafe! Christopher Zabita will welcome us into his restaurant for a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of a chef. We’ll warm up with knife skills and kitchen safety before we whip up some of Chef Chris’ most popular dishes. Bring your notebooks – he will even be divulging his recipes and a few of his secret culinary tricks.  Lucky us – our chef mentor will also be treating us to an exclusive Q&A where we can ask anything about his recipes, industry secrets, and the challenges (and rewards!) of owning a popular restaurant in the heart of New York City!

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Society Cafe, 52 West 13th Street, New York, NY

  • Tuesday

    Mini Melanie

    Birthday Cakes and Sweet Indulgence With Chef Melanie Moss!
    Tuesday, July 18th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    Sweet indulgence will be our theme! After a day cooking with fresh fruits and veggies, we’ve earned ourselves a little treat. Get ready for some butter and sugar, because Chef Melanie will be taking the lead on dessert, and she’s known for her gorgeous truffles and colorful cakes. With her help, we’ll learn how to get creative in the pastry kitchen with sweets that look just as good as they taste!

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Washington Square Park (At The Arch, Waverly Place, and 5th Ave)

    *We will be transporting the kids on the subway to and from Mini Melanie’ at 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

  • Wednesday

    Union Square Cafe

    Authentic Italian Cuisine With Exec Chef Carmen
    Wednesday, July 19th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    What better way to spend a Wednesday than in the kitchen of Danny Meyer’s renowned restaurant, Union Square Cafe? We’ll start our day scavenging for ingredients at a local Farmers’ Market before heading into the kitchen! Once here, we get to work alongside Chef Carmen to cook up some delicious authentic Italian dishes. Don’t be intimidated by the restaurant’s five James Beard Awards and nine-time ranking as New York’s Most Popular Restaurant — we’re in for a day of fun in the kitchen of this long-time favorite NYC restaurant!

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Union Square Cafe, 101 E 19th Street, New York, NY

  • Thursday

    Luke’s Lobster

    Sustainable Seafood With Owner Ben Conniff!
    Thursday, July 20th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    Lobster and shrimp rolls and crab — oh my! Things are sure to get lively this Thursday as kids get up-close and personal with their food — in this case, Maine lobster! We’ll learn (and taste!) what it means for seafood to be sustainable, and see how restaurants can source ingredients responsibly. Luke’s Lobster has been preserving fisheries to make sure our oceans stay safe and our seafood stays fresh, and we can’t wait to get a taste of the delicious work they’ve been doing in the kitchen!

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Washington Square Park (At The Arch, Waverly Place, and 5th Ave)

    *We will be transporting the kids on the subway to and from Luke’s Lobster at 459 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY

  • Friday

    Harlem Grown

    Local Urban Farming!
    Friday, July 21st, 11 AM to 5 PM

    We’re in for a farm-fresh Friday as we take a break from the hot kitchen and bring our culinary adventures to an urban farm. Just like Sprouts, Harlem Grown inspires youth to lead more healthy lives! After a tour of their fields and greenhouse, and a crash course on urban farming and ecosystems, we’ll harvest some produce of our own! With our bounty, we’ll invent our very own salads and dressings in a friendly salad cook-off! If we have enough time, we will finish our day with a blindfolded taste-test, as we try various herbs and produce right from the farm.

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Harlem Grown, 118 West 134th Street, New York, NY

Session II

  • Monday

    A&E Supply Co

    Restaurant-Caliber Sandwiches and Breaking Down Meat
    Monday, July 24th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    Our aspiring chefs will start out the week by learning the secret behind making restaurant-perfect sandwiches. Vegetarians will work with the chef to craft their own personalized sandwiches using farmstead cheeses, fresh produce, and artisanal breads. Meanwhile, our meat-forward chefs can choose to break down meat for their sandwiches. A&E Supply Co prides themselves on bringing people together over good food, and that is exactly what we’ll be doing! Known for their high quality selection of cheeses, produce and free-range meats, vegetarians and meat-lovers alike will be able to fashion their very own personalized sandwiches — restaurant-style, of course!

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Washington Square Park (At The Arch, Waverly Place, and 5th Ave)

    *We will be transporting the kids on the subway to and from A&E Supply Co at 548 4th Ave, Brooklyn NY

  • Tuesday

    Crave Fishbar

    Fresh Seafood With Exec Chef Todd Mitgang!
    Tuesday, July 25th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    Crave — the name really says it all! With instruction from Chef Todd Mitgang himself, we will be learning how to transform locally caught seafood into crave-worthy dishes. We will learn about various types of seafood, how to best season them, and then dive into important lessons on sustainability and health. Fish can be tricky to prepare, but our campers will get extra practice with their knife-skills and will be pros in no time!

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Crave Fishbar, 428 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY

  • Wednesday

    Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

    Cozy BBQ With Exec Chef Leland Avellino!
    Wednesday, July 26th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    We will be re-fueling with America’s favorite comfort foods right alongside the head chef of the ever-so-popular Dinosaur Bar-B-Que! Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will learn the art of grilling as we marinate and bar-b-que produce and meats. We will also whip up some of Chef Avellino’s favorite healthy sides to pair with it all! From knife and grill skills to flavor profiles and plating, we will learn essential culinary skills that we can use alllll summer long.

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Washington Square Park (At The Arch, Waverly Place, and 5th Ave)

    *We will be transporting the kids on the subway to and from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que at 604 Union Street, Brooklyn

  • Thursday


    Latin Fare With Exec Chef Julian!
    Thursday, July 27th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    Who said you can only have tacos on Tuesday? Things will be heating up this Thursday as we head to Tacuba to cook some flavor-packed Mexican and Cuban cuisine! Surrounded by Tacuba’s vibrant decor, we’ll start out by learning the essential spices and ingredients used in Mexican cuisine. We will even make our very own guacamole, artisanal tacos, and a few other goodies the chef has in store for us! Of course, the day won’t be done until we sit down to enjoy our Latin American feast.

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Washington Square Park (At The Arch, Waverly Place, and 5th Ave)

    *We will be transporting the kids on the subway to and from Tacuba at 3501 36th St, Queens, NY

  • Friday

    Blue Ribbon

    Hand-Rolled Sushi!
    Friday, July 28th, 11 AM to 5 PM

    It’s a sussshhhhiii slam! Earlier in the week, our aspiring chefs learned how to cook fish. Today, we will be enjoying it in a much different form! We’ll learn the art of rolling up our very own sushi combos and how to prepare the sauces to go along with them. We will also learn about the special ways to cut and hold our knives when working with sushi-grade fish. This will be one heck of a delicious end to our culinary week!

    Drop Off + Pick-Up: Blue Ribbon, 187 Orchard St, New York, NY

Cancellation Policy

10 days or more before the class: 100% refund
4-9 days before the class: 50% refund
3 days before the class: 25% refund
Within 2 days of the class: no refund available

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