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Cupcake Wars


Battle your friends in the sweetest war around! Show off your culinary creativity with your favorite cupcake recipes and challenge your friends to make the best cupcake in town. Two teams and two recipes face off to win the judge’s vote for “best in taste” and “best in appearance.” We will make fresh cupcake batter and frosting from the best locally sourced ingredients and put these treats to the ultimate test! Which one of your favorite recipes will you choose for your very own Cupcake War?

Alice Waters’ Ratatouille with Cheesy Polenta


Sprouts’ honorary advisor, Alice Waters, is one of the world’s most influential culinary figures. Her iconic Berkeley restaurant, Chez Panisse, is famous for pioneering California cuisine. We’ll recreate one of Alice’s acclaimed recipes and pair it with creamy, cheesy polenta. Vegetables have never tasted so good!

Jamie Oliver’s Fresh Pasta and Sauce


Sprouts’ friend, Jamie Oliver, is a highly acclaimed British chef, restaurateur, author, and global activist for food education. We’re inspired by his dedication to exposing children to the joys of cooking wholesome food and we’ve pulled a page from his cookbook to share with you! We’ll make pasta dough and use a pasta maker to make fresh spaghetti. Our meal will be complete with a delicious homemade tomato sauce!


Don’t see something that tickles your taste buds?
Contact us at and we’ll cook up something special!


Yes, of course! Space permitting, additional children ages 7-13 can join the fun for an additional $40 each.
Sure! However, we ask for children under 7 be supervised by a parent.
We’ll bring all ingredients, recipes, and any special equipment needed (if you can’t supply).

Registration is open! Fill out our application and then email or call us at (814) 853-2804 to set up a party consultation!

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are 30% of the total fee and non refundable.
Deposits are due 1 week after client agrees to the proposal

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