Our Team


Karen Rogers
Founder and Director

Favorite Foods: I love fresh fruits and vegetables. Pickeled, sautéed, boiled, chopped, raw, cooked – there is no form that I don’t enjoy. And anything with a Moroccan twist.

Molly Shea
Chef-in-Training Program Manager

Favorite FoodsIf it’s dinner time, give me squash. Butternut, acorn, pumpkin – I like them all. They pair well with so many different savory and earthy flavors. For a snack, I like to crunch on anything fermented. Whole pickles out of the jar and spoonfuls of sauerkraut work for me…usually followed by a breath mint.

Andrea Levy
Culinary Director

Favorite FoodsMy biggest weakness is any type of chocolate dessert. But as someone with a plant-based diet I’m also overly satisfied with any plate that includes lots of vegetables, specially fresh, local produce. Im also a sucker for soups and crunchy, fermented or pickled snacks.

Kevin Longa
AmeriCorps VISTA Video and Media Manager

Favorite Foods: Anything that gets me out of my comfort zone – from live shrimp in Copenhagen to balut in the Philippines. Plus, you can never go wrong with Thai.

Lydia Fletcher
Chef-in-Training Fundraising Coordinator

Favorite Foods: After spending a season working on an organic farm, nothing can compare to freshly grown produce. I love experimenting with in-season produce and seeing what I can make! I especially love anything spicy or with coconut milk added.

Katarina Krska

Favorite foods: From European pastries to dishes from my home country like kale and potato soup, fruit filled dumplings or freshly baked bread… the list of my favorites is very long. Good thing cooking and baking is a passion of mine. But if I had to pick just one food, then raspberries – straight from the garden. Or better yet – picked up while hiking in the mountains!

Adrienne Yang
Chef-In-Training Program Fellow

Favorite Foods: Growing up, I spent hours in the kitchen as my grandma cooked Indian food. She is an important reason why I came to believe in food’s healing potential. Indian dishes that remind me of her instantly make me feel at home— chai tea, dal (spicy lentil soup), naan (flatbread), and spices like cardamom, cloves, turmeric, and ginger. I also have a huge sweet tooth and can’t say no to ice cream!

Megan Barrie
Chef Instructor

Favorite Foods: My favorite foods are all about comfort. I love all noodles and curries, particularly when paired with a nice seasonal veg or two. I’m a big believer in your plate looking like the rainbow, so when in doubt, I try to mix textures and flavors to get a hearty combo of comfort and nutrients in a meal.

Lori Colwick

Favorite foods:  My favorite foods are comfort foods:  homemade macaroni and cheese, fresh-baked bread, and cake!!  There is also nothing better than a good salad with veggies fresh from my own backyard!!  I love gardening and it is a comfort to know that the vegetables that I serve my family are grown sustainably right from our own yard.  

Diane Paquette
HR and Office Manager

Favorite Foods: Growing up in Maine, my favorite food has to be lobster! We’d have a huge family clambake every summer and it was a rite of passage as you grew older on learning how to eat a lobster. I also have a passion for baking so during my free time, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen!

Kate Karson
Marketing & Photography Intern

Favorite Foods: Growing up with my Nonna around, I always loved eating Italian food. I love love love all types of pasta, but my favorite Italian dish would be gnocchi. I could eat gnocchi all day any day. I also absolutely love focaccia (:

Cecily Van Remortel
Camp Counselor and Class Instructor

Favorite Foods: I really love making mac and cheese because I learned the recipe when I attended this camp myself, but it’s always fun for me to be able to make fresh meals with farm-to-table food! Also, one of my favorite things to do is explore new places through their unique types of food!


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